by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I sat down upon one of the benches in the park, and rested my head upon my hands. I felt numbed and stupefied. The world and everything in it had changed for me during the last ten minutes. People passed me as I sat - people who laughed and joked and gossiped. It seemed to me that I watched them almost as a dead man might watch the living. ~ The Fate of the Evangeline

I used rather to pride myself on being able to spot a man's trade or profession by a good look at this exterior. I had the advantage of studying under a Professor at Edinburgh who was a master of the art . . . ~ The Recollections of Captain Wilkie

Only in one thing he had never progressed. He could frighten his wife, he could dominate her, he could make here admire his strength and respect his consistency, he could mould her to his will in every other direction, but, do what he would he could not make her love him. ~ The Retirement of Signor Lambert

The hundred pound cheque tossed across a breakfast table is a much smaller thing to a woman than the five-shilling charm which represents some thought and some trouble upon the part of the giver. ~ The Retirement of Signor Lambert

"See the value of imagination," said Holmes. "It is the one quality which Gregory lacks. We imagined what might have happened, acted upon the supposition, and find ourselves justified." ~ Silver Blaze

And so it happened that an hour or so later I found myself in the corner of a first-class carriage flying along en route for Exeter, while Sherlock Holmes, with his sharp, eager face framed in his ear-flapped travelling-cap, dipped rapidly into the bundle of fresh papers which he had procured at Paddington. ~ Silver Blaze

"It is one of those cases where the art of the reasoner should be used rather for the sifting of details than for the acquiring of fresh evidence." ~ Silver Blaze

We surely know by some nameless instinct more about our futures than we think we know. ~ The Stark Munro Letters

His face is of a walnut brown, and tells of long winter drives over bleak country roads, with the wind and the rain in his teeth. It looks smooth at a little distance, but as you approach him you see that it is shot with innumerable fine wrinkles like a last year's apple. They are hardly to be seen when he is in repose; but when he laughs his face breaks like a starred glass, and you realize then that though he looks old, he must be older than he looks. ~ Behind the Times

To his patients there was something reassuring in the mere bulk and dignity of the man. A high and easy bearing in medicine as in war bears with it a hint of victories in the past, and a promise of others to come. ~ The Third Generation

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