The Stark Munro Letters

The Stark Munro Letters

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 – Originally published in September of 2020

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This semiautobiographical novel was published in 1895.

In his autobiography, Memories and Adventures, Conan Doyle states, “I have reached the time when, under very curious circumstances, I endeavoured to establish myself in medical practice. In a book written some years afterwards called The Stark Munro Letters, I drew in very close detail the events of the next few years, and there the curious reader will find them more clearly and fully set out than would be to scale in these pages. I would only remark, should any reader reconstruct me or my career from that book, that there are some few incidents there which are imaginary, and that, especially, the whole incident of the case of a lunatic and of Lord Saltire in Chapter IV occurred to a friend and not to myself.”

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