The Lost World Quiz – Answers

1. Edward Malone is in love with ______.

ANSWER: Gladys

2. The Lost World” is ______.

ANSWER: a plateau

3. The drawings by _______ inspired Challenger.

ANSWER: Maple White

4. The party used _______ to escape the strange land that they found.

ANSWER: a cave tunnel

5. Lord John Roxton found _______ in the pterodactyl rookery.

ANSWER: diamonds

6. Why did the ape-men think well of Challenger?

ANSWER:  He looked like their leader

7. Who was not on the expedition?

ANSWER: Marguerite Krux

 8. Malone sent his records of the
expedition to _______.

ANSWER: Mr. McArdle

9. Challenger brought back ________ to prove that the miraculous land really

ANSWER: a pterodactyl

10. One of the
people saved from the ape-men turned out to be ________.

ANSWER: the chief’s son