Friends and Family

Learn more about the friends and family of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

James M. Barrie

James M. Barrie

Learn about the friendship between Conan Doyle and the author of Peter Pan, James M. Barrie.
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His Father

Conan Doyle wrote, "My father's life was full of the tragedy of unfulfilled powers and of underdeveloped gifts. He had his weaknesses, as all of us have ours, but he also had some very remarkable and outstanding virtues."
Life of Conan doyle

His Mother

By anyone's definition Mary Foley Doyle, known as "the Ma'am" by her son Arthur Conan Doyle, was an interesting woman. She saved the Doyle family from ruin when her husband was institutionalized. She gave her children hope for tomorrow with tales of past glories and victories. She also had a mysterious relationship with a man fifteen years her junior.
Conan Doyle's Family

Conan Doyle's Marriages

A man is torn between loyalty to his dying wife and the passion he feels for another woman. While this sounds like the plot of a romance novel, it was Arthur Conan Doyle's daily struggle for almost ten years.