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Timeline of Life of Conan Doyle

May 22nd marks the 158th anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! See a timeline of major events, both professional and private, in his life.

Ask Sherlock Holmes

Are you mulling over a yes or no question? Why not ask an expert in deductive reasoning? Sherlock Holmes is at your service.

"In the shade", painting by Charles Altamont Doyle

His Mother

By anyone's definition Mary Foley Doyle, the mother of Arthur Conan Doyle, was an interesting woman. She saved the Doyle family from ruin when her husband was institutionalized. She gave her children hope for tomorrow with tales of past glories and victories. She also had a mysterious relationship with a man fifteen years her junior.

The Lost World

Conan Doyle didn't just write about Sherlock Holmes. He was also the author of The Lost World. The novel chronicles the adventures of four men who travel to the jungles of South America. There they discover a plateau inhabited by dinosaurs and ape-men.

The Death of Sherlock Holmes

As time went on Conan Doyle found himself more closely identified with Sherlock Holmes to the exclusion of his other works. "I weary of his name," he told his mother. In his own mind the matter was settled. Holmes must die.

List of Sherlock Holmes Fiction

Just how many Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories are there? Here's a list that includes the entire list and the date they were published.

This site is devoted to the life and work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Here you’ll find information about Sherlock Holmes, The Lost World and Conan Doyle’s other writing.  You’ll also learn interesting facts about the life of Arthur Conan Doyle. You can read about his time as a ship’s surgeon, his tangled love life, his troubled father and more.  This site is also home to the largest collection of Conan Doyle quotations anywhere.

Medieval Quotes

Conan Doyle wrote two novels that were set in the Hundred Years’ War, The White Company and Sir Nigel.

Heaven, too, was very near to them in those days. God’s direct agency was to be seen in the thunder and the rainbow, the whirlwind and the lightning. To the believer, clouds of angels and confessors, and martyrs, armies of the sainted and the saved, were ever stooping over their struggling brethren upon earth, raising, encouraging, and supporting them. ~ The White Company

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Medieval Quotes



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